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Every month we focus on one of the 54 countries and raise funds to purchase and give sanitary pads to these women. Our current country is South Sudan.

Keeping girls in school by helping them manage their periods

JUBA, South Sudan, 21 February 2018 – It’s the moment a South Sudanese girl dreads: having her menstrual period when she’s at school. Menstruating for girls in the world’s youngest nation is considered so shameful, many drop out and fail to complete their educations.

So says David Clement, the owner of a small, local business, EnviroCare, which is being supported by UNICEF and is dedicated to reducing barriers and “breaking the silence” that prevents girls from attending school.

“We are targeting girls who are having difficulties at school, especially as a result of menstrual hygiene management,” Clement said.

The problem is that disposable sanitary pads are too expensive and often unavailable for most families in the poverty-stricken country. As an alternative, women sometimes use animal skins, leaves, rags and even stones to conceal their bleeding..... Read More

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